This is a small game project I am working on to experience all parts of the development process. I am currently working on building the narrative aspect of the game as well as working on prototyping the game mechanics and level design for a demo. This is a 2.5D puzzle platformer that focuses on environmental storytelling and puzzle platforming.

This project is an ongoing game project that I'm still developing 


Genre: 2.5D Puzzle Adventure Game

Engine: Unreal Engine 4.26.2

My work


• Level Design 

• Game Design 

• Project Management 


• Rigging

What I'm showing

Because the project is still in development, I chose to show the things I most lack in my other portfolio pieces that are still relevant in some way to this portfolio.

Scripting showcase

Scripting has so far been my main focus of this project, scripting tools, and mechanic prototypes so I, later on, can focus on the level design of the game.

Camera system

This is a showcase of the dynamic camera system I developed for this game project. 

Interactive linking

This system links actors that can be interacted with (levers, buttons, etc.) with things that get interacted with (Doors, platforms, other levers, etc.) 

Door mechanism

The door mechanism is made as diverse as possible by making door rotation and activation customizable. 

Concept Art

This shows some of the art and environments I've made so far in the game. I made them mainly as concepts, so I can get a clear picture of how I wanted the environmental storytelling should work with the level design.