Interactive actors


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This system links actors that can be interacted with (levers, buttons, etc.) with things that get intracted with (Doors, platforms, other levers, etc.) 

My motivation for making it was to easily link interactable actors in a way that is easy for other developers to use.

How It Works?

The system works by using a parent blueprint that every interactable actor is a child of, this gives them an interactable array. In this array, the developer chooses which actors interact with the selected actor.

When the interacting actor gets used it sends a call signal to every actor in the array which connects them.


Linking Actors

This is the script inside the master blueprint, this is the actual events that link the actors to be called, this is also where the interactable actor array is stored and is public.


Call interaction

This is how the system calls the interacting acter by sending the event to all actors in its array.

Receive interaction call

This looks at the actor's trigger type and activates the interactability of the actor.