Preproduction/ Planning



Game analyzation

My analysis of the game focused primarily on the level design and flow aspects of the game because that's the most important aspect of this project.

"Mirror's Edge Catalyst" is a game that focuses on fast gameplay, letting the player move in a satisfying way by giving the player obstacles to traverse through. 

The game loop I made for this project reflects this focus, especially in chase sequences where the player is forced to move fast to not die. in these situations, it's crucial to keep the player in the flow state to keep the movement and to hinder the player from second-guessing themselves.

Reference Gathering

My reference gathering process was for inspiration on what environments I wanted to work with and what I wanted to do with the levels environments.

General Game Loop



Level action mapping 

Made this to get an idea of how the level would flow throughout level sequences. The mapping is built up of bits which is representing chunks of gameplay in a level sequence or area.

Level Intensity Map

This chart's main purpose was to show how I would approach the level design. I also made it to show what I found and took from analyzing the games general design.