Ledge Climb


2022-04-18 17-33-57.mp4

My Prototype

2022-04-18 17-31-42.mp4

In Game Mechanic


Search For Ledge

These functions detect ledges in front of the player to stick onto. The search also searches for new ledges that the player can interact with and looks if the current ledge ends or not.

Make Rotation From Normal Vector Value



This shows my horizontal movement and how it uses my ledge detection to stop the player from moving off the ledge. 

If the player wants to move vertically I have a ledge jump that launches the player up to find a new ledge to attach to. 


Jump Off

 Jumping from the ledge is made depending on where on the ledge the player is, if the player is at the end of a ledge the player can jump to the side to attach to a new one.

The player can also drop down from a ledge and jump up to a new one.