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My Contribution
  • Designed the first level

  • Level art/decoration with others in the LD team

  • Created project structure (for future projects)

  • Created main project pipelines and workflows

  • Project manager/ coordinator 

  • Project SCRUM master


Level Designers:

Måns Mattisson

Lovisa Wirten

Frans Alexandersson​

Game Artists:

Alexander Ekengren

Frida Backman

Ylva Oknelid

Thea Arnman

Techical Artists:

Sabina Högvalls

Tomas Gustafsson

Oscar Kempe Söderholm


Ella Lundqvist

Nanna Lundin

Game Programmers:

Jonathan Andersson

Alexander Frost

Lukas Ternelius

Thomas Holtz

Nils Hansson


Daniel Svensson

Spite: The False God

A 3D Top-down 

”You’re the god of death. Your offerings have ceased due to demons taking over your godly temple. Slash your way through the jungle and lay waste to the maliciousness within” 

Reference game

Diablo 3

Project time

10 weeks half-speed = Around 200 hours



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