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My Contribution
  • Project Coordinator

  • Designed all puzzle levels

  • Level propping/ Level art with LD colleague

  • Project SCRUM master


Level Designer:

Måns Matttisson

Oscar Rehnberg

Game Artists:

Nelly Lindbom

Fredrik Christensen

Linda Khamphoukeo

Music & Sound:

Jhon Lundell


Jonas Gustafsson

Marcus Hultquist

Game Programmers:

Casper Öder

Damjan Derdic

Henrik Nilsson

Kaspian Ringqvist

Måns Hedlund

 Library of Illusions

Mobile puzzle game

”As an owl, climb your way up the library while solving puzzles based on optical illusions to aid the Grand Owl”

Reference game

Monument Valley

Project time

8 weeks half-speed = Around 160 hours



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